Welcome to jondoemusic.com!

We’re live!

Welcome to the new jondoemusic.com. After a lot of hard work and commitment from a number of folks, the new site is now launched! The site design comes to us complements to my man ST!ZO, aka the media mercenary and visual assassin, representing CHI-town. Check him out on the web at www.stizomedia.com.  And a big shout out to the one and only Tony Chill on the web development front.

The Store will be coming soon. We’ll have digital downloads of the latest Jon?Doe tracks, plus a small line of jondoemusic.com apparel.

Also coming soon will be archived podcasts of the weekly Milkcrates for Days radio show, originally broadcasted live and direct on 91.3FM KCPR every Monday from 10pm to 12am (you can listen live online in the mean time).

Let us know what you think about the site.  Remember, it’s a start and more features and content will be coming soon!  Send us your feedback at contact@jondoemusic.com.


Matthmatics aka Ticas