JON?DOE, a member of the groups Double Helix and White Collar Criminals / Silversmiths, has been writing and recording hip hop music since 1986. Some of it terrible, some of it better than terrible, all of it honest.  He has shared the stage with the likes of Eminem, KRS-One, tha Liks, Ras Kass, A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village and many more.  He has recorded music with KRS-One, Casual from Hieroglyphics, SonDoobie from Funkdoobiest, Big Dro, Sankofa, Click tha Supah Latin, and others.

JON?DOE is not a gangster, a pimp, or a prima donna. JON?DOE is not Eminem or Vanilla Ice. Nor is JON?DOE Homer, Hawthorne, or Heller. He is actually just Tom.

Tom is a boy and a man. Tom is a friend to many, a brother to six, a quarter to five, ever to fore, a father to three, a son to two, ex-husband to one, and second to none. Tom is an asshole. Tom is a nice person. Tom is a lover of milk, sleep, life and God. Tom is an imperfect being and Tom is happy.. most of the time.

Tom believes in the power of music. It speaks to him and he hopes you allow it to speak to you. It speaks for itself, or so Tom likes to believe. It is a fickle mistress, and jealous. It sings and it singes, it dances and it damns, it reflects him and it rejects him. All this, and it IS him. Have a seat, take a listen, and get to know him like not even he does.

One last thing: like a bad radio signal or a shitty speaker setup on stage, feedback is a must. Check out my music and let me know what you think.  Spread the word, tell a friend, and come back often to hear new music.